Inn Churches

This year St. Matthew’s will be offering overnight accommodation to up to 12 homeless people, from the 27th December to the 2nd January. The guests will be chosen by Inn Churches, a Bradford charity. They will have been referred by various agencies, Social Services, the NHS, Bradford Street Angels and so on, and will be vetted to ensure that we in Wilsden can meet their needs.

The project is labour intensive and we need volunteers to fill the various slots, greeters, cooks and a night shift.

We offer training to new volunteers and each team of four will include a member of our congregation, so that volunteers will be well supported.

Last year all our volunteers felt that this was a very worthwhile thing to do, particularly over the Christmas season, when most of us have plenty, but some have very little.

If you would like to help. have a look at the rota, and contact David Haigh to book a slot.